The entirety of 2021 south dakota class b amateur baseball tourney will be held at cadwell park in mitchell. Brewers outscore brookings cubs 7-2 to earn the 2020 class a championship. The alexandria angels earn 2020 class b amateur title by beating. In an era where major league baseball is filled with stories of multi-millionaire players using performance enhancing drugs. Any other baseball information from south dakota, please email it to bryce holter, bryce. The south dakota amateur baseball association will be having a selection show to reveal the pairings for the 2021 state amateur tournament at mitchell, august 4th-15th at mitchell. The final field of eight is set at the south dakota state class b amateur baseball tournament. Last night, kimball-white lake defeated redfield 9-4 and the salem cubs fell 13-1 to winnercolome. South dakota may not have a mlb team, but theres plenty of heart and skill on display at fields across the state. Heading to the birdcage for a sioux falls canaries game is a summer tradition for sodak baseball fans. Part of the american association of professional baseball, the canaries take on teams from canada to texas.   by south dakota amateur baseball assn, the south dakota department of transportation, and the south dakota state historical society.